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About our energy healing method

Energy healing is deeply rooted in the heartfelt calling that emerges when clinical failure becomes unacceptable. Integrative medicine is what we discover when we truly commit ourselves to seeking a more effective path of learning, practice and Service.

About the Altar of Creation

What began 10 years ago as a single experimental workshop has grown into a comprehensive 10 class professional training program and developed a total life of its own: a school that graduated 22 students in 2005 and in 2007 began another basic training Circle of 24 students.  The Altar of Creation is growing and attracting attention- dramatically impacting practitioners and patients across the country…and in fact is developing a devoted global grass roots following, one patient, one student, and one workshop at a time.

The Altar of Creation is a steep Path of training, mentorship, and professional as well as personal development: 10 classes and over 575 contact hours spanning 3 1/2 years, 6 clinic intensive trainings, and multiple private tutorials seeing patients with Dr Weiss in his office. We know of no other program anywhere like The Altar of Creation: with respect to its uniquely interwoven combination of lineages, healing traditions and disciplines, as well as the sheer volume of direct contact training hours, the extensive hands-on experiential learning, and the extent to which Dr Weiss is personally accessible and directly involved in mentoring and guiding his students.

Currently we are holding the vibrational integrity and accepting applications for 2 new Training Circles that we anticipate will begin in 2010 or early 2011.- one in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the other the East (possibly in New York state or Cape Cod).

Dr Weiss and The Altar of Creation are committed to training anyone who is sincerely Called to study on this Path, so there are no prerequisites, nor any prior training (or credential) required. We all enter The Altar of Creation Training Circle in Beginner’s Mind.  We will provide you, within the Curriculum, with everything that you need to become an effective clinical problem solver in the Altar of Creation tradition.  Our training program is designed to meet the needs of and challenge both the most experienced clinician as well as the greenest beginning healer.