About Us May 22, 2019

What we and our graduates believe is so special about the Altar Of Creation Training:

1.The multi-stage process of balancing, self-attunement and calibration developed by Dr Weiss to listen more effectively to our clients’ bodies. (referred to as “Getting Out of the Way”)

2.The fact that The Altar of Creation is a SYSTEM for solving clinical problems that are preventing our clients from healing and regulating themselves. It does not endeavor to chase symptoms around the body, or to fix things. It is map, a compass, a guide book, and a GPS monitor- so you always know where you are and what the wisdom of the body requires you to do next!  This is something truly unique to The Altar of Creation. Yes we study and learn to apply many, many different procedures, however they do not stand alone and they are always applied in context of the whole body, how it’s put together, and what is required to support its deepest Healing. You will always (well, mostly) know where to go and what to do next based upon either what you perceive and your clients’ responses to what you what you just did!  Think about it.  This is huge!

3.The combined emphasis upon both Physical as well as Spiritual Laws: The key role that analysis and treatment of weight-bearing integrity (structural engineering pieces that Dr Weiss has developed) play in supporting the body’s capacity to allow Spirit to manifest in three dimensional anatomy in a healthy way and thus support self-healing and self-regulation.

4.The overall completeness and comprehensiveness of the Curriculum.  The Journey and the material we cover are VAST.

5.How intensely hands-on and experiential the program is, full of direct transmissions, clinical “laboratories,” careful supervision, personal feedback, guidance, and mentoring, and clinical intensive experiences.

6.Dr Weiss’ personal availability and accessibility both during the courses and in the time in between courses.  Students universally comment upon Dr Weiss’ generosity with his time and his energies.

7.The personal transformation, healing, and professional evolution of the students that occur through the 10 course approximately 550-hour training, with the mighty emphasis in the AOC upon each healer learning to gather and hold more Qi and bring a greater Presence to his or her own healing table.

8. Dr Weiss is internationally recognized as a master problem-solver, healer and teacher.  He is an authority in his field, and what he presents as The Altar of Creation comes directly out of his own extensive clinical experiences, as well as those of his trainers and mentors. 

9. The essential traditional ceremonial nature of how Dr Weiss conducts the trainings.