About Us May 22, 2019

Links to Our Friends

Brilliant Healers and Teachers:
Reverend Rosalyn Bruyere and The Healing Light Center Church – http://www.rosalynlbruyere.org
Drunvalo Mechizedek, the Merkaba, and the Flower of Life – http://www.drunvalo.nethttp://www.floweroflife.orghttp://www.spiritofmaat.com

To Serve the Cause of the Pre-buddhist Indiginous Religion of Tibet:
-The Bon Foundation – http://www.bonfoundation.org

Dr Weiss’ Osteopathic Healing Practice:
-The Medicine Lodge Clinic – http://www.themedicinelodgeclinic.com

Treatment Tables
- Best Office- Based Stationary Uplift (simply up and down) Tables:
Custom Craftworks- http://www.customcraftworks.com i simply adore these people and their products… except that their portable tables which, while i like them, are not great for my type of work… (mention my name for a discount)
- Best Portable tables for AOC type of work: Astra-lite – http://www.astra-lite.com these are the tables i purchased for the AOC classes. great company…excellent product! i can not recommend this portable enough! (mention my name)

Selected Sellers of Stone People:
- Treasure Mountain Mining – http://www.treasuremountainmining.com or go to their ebay store via http://www.ebay.com and then a store search for treasure mountain mining. they have more stuff on ebay. eric is a friend. mention that i referred you.
- Spiritual Vision- go to http://www.ebay.com, do a search for stores and look for SpiritualVision. they are also dear friends and a great resource… and would want to know that i sent you.
- Dharma Rain – http://www.dharma-rain.org and also through an ebay store search
- Topaz Spirits – http://www.topazconsulting.com … and also through the ebay store search to their ebay store
- Open Adit – http://www.open-adit.com and also though ebay store search. great source of big black tourmalines and selenites

in most cases it is preferable to go to the ebay store directly, rather than their internet/web sites Osteopathic Medicine Links
- American Osteopathic Association – http://www.osteopathic.org

- American Academy of Osteopathy – http://www.academyofosteopathy.org

- Cranial Academy – http://www.cranialacademy.com