About Us May 22, 2019

The Altar of Creation Code of Honor - For Dr. Steven Weiss

I enter this Circle in Beginner’s Mind.

As your Guide and Mentor, i place myself above no one!

I devote myself to supporting and empowering each student in developing their own unique gifts and skills within the context of The Altar of Creation Work.

I personally supervise and am responsible for all elements the Altar of Creation of training.

I will ferociously protect and maintain the Integrity of our Group Container.

I am “on call” for each student between classes. (Please utilize e-mail- it works best.)

The Staff of the Altar of Creation and i are committed to providing the absolutely safest and best possible conditions in which to train, work, and play.

Offered in a Holy Way…in the Presence of Creator, The Powers of the Six Directions, All of My Relations, and All of My Ancestors…