About Us May 22, 2019

The Altar of Creation Code of Honor – For Students

Students’ Code of Honor

• From the Opening Circle to the Closing Circle we are in Ceremony.

• Our Time Together is Sacred! I enter the Circle in Beginner’s Mind!

• I place myself neither above nor below any other participant.

• When I am within The Circle, I leave behind me all other trainings and systems of healing, only doing the work of The Altar of Creation.

• I will show up for all sessions on time (or early).

• I will participate fully at 100%.

• I will follow all instructions exactly as they are given!

• I will take whatever I get from the Training.

• I will honor a professional boundary between myself and my fellow students, Steven, The Altar of Creation Staff, and the staff of where we are training.

• It is my right to speak and ask questions- however only after I have Mindfully determined that my words and energies serve our Work and the Ascension of the Group Container!

• During demonstrations, laboratories, and all other healing sessions, I will Mindfully observe, without exception, Sacred Silence in our workspace.

• I will not share anything that occurs within The Altar of Creation Circle with anyone who is not formally part of the Circle. I will check with Steven or Malou if I have any questions about this.

• I offer my Word of Honor in a Holy Way… in acceptance of this Code of Honor…. (sign and date please) I kneel with Reverence at the Altar of Creation!