About Us May 22, 2019


“I had been a healer for 10 years and felt mediocre in my craft. With a BA in psychology, I had graduated from a 3 year hands-on healing program, was a Reiki Master, completed basic massage training, and had been a student in Rosalyn Bruyere’s/HLCC Crucible Program for 7 years. My healings did facilitate positive physical results in my patients but not lasting or good enough for me and I had never successfully worked with bones. Steven came highly recommended by fellow students at HLCC.

As a teacher Steven will answer all your questions, which I had a lot. He really cares about your personal progress, gives wonderfully guided instructions doing the techniques and corrects you gently. He will work on you during class and facilitate your own physical/spiritual healing in the process. He can level with you and I never felt like he puts himself on a pedestal. As a person with many vivid extrasensory perceptions, I so appreciated being taught by a teacher who can guide you to see/feel/work with the essential perceptions for the healing process and use them in a profound way. This training was the most in-depth, complete and effective hands-on healing system I have been taught so far. I surely don’t feel mediocre as a healer anymore!

Be prepared for real intense work, it takes dedication! All your time of the day, from 7-10, will be occupied. It is best to have a long attention span and perseverance; though when fellow healers work on you, you get your rejuvenation time. The day starts with early morning Chi Gong, before breakfast, and there is no way around it; that was the hardest part for me. Don’t be intimidated by Stevens’ persona, he is a bear! In your work with patients you will see the best results when you learn the whole system and finish the whole curriculum.”

S. A. Los Angeles, California

“In the beginning I was motivated by the idea that we sit at the Altar of Creation, the body as sacred, and that we don’t do the healing but support people in healing themselves. I stayed even though it was very challenging so I could become a better healer- get new tools, a greater source of understanding, and healing for self and clients.”

R. K. Concord, New Hampshire

“I wanted to learn as much as I could to train myself for doing healing work. But initially I did not enroll because I did not want to spend a lot of time on embryology—which had always been a turn-off as subject matter for me. It was only after I spoke to some of those who had already taken a workshop or two (with Steven)—and could attest that whatever was said about embryology was engagingly connected with the whole healing undertaking; that, in fact, it was a fascinating (as taught by Steven) and essential reference point for all of healing—that I decided to sign up for the Program.

I came to the workshops with little energetic discernment. Yes, I could scan an energy field, but I did not have any sense of how energy felt as it moved in someone’s body. Nor could I “see” energy move. That was a definite handicap initially; yet with the support of Steven and the “Container” that he and we created together, I was gradually able to develop much more perception. As preparation for this work, as much prior energy work as possible (Tai Qi, Qi Gong, other healing experience) is something I would recommend for anyone considering the training. Yet as one who was far “behind” when we started, I was still able to keep up, more or less, and advanced far beyond my starting point to complete the training.

There is no question in my mind that the Altar of Creation work is an astounding contribution to the field of healing, taking the effectiveness of hands-on healing to a remarkably new level. I feel very blessed to have been able to participate in the program. It is truly sacred work.”

J. C. Bozeman, Montana

“I was moved to study with Steven when I first met him at a retreat with Rosalyn Bruyere in the mid eighties. He proved to be a master of Spiritual healing, as well as an extremely gifted healer on the Physical plane and had a natural ability to combine both skills into a unique healing modality all his own. During the intervening years he has continued to grow and expand his “magic” in a very disciplined and coherent system. Studying with him has been a truly wonderful experience which broadened the perspectives and abilities of all his students. We have been given a gift of expanding awareness and many “tools” with which to work and honor our commitment to Spirit.”

J. M. Montague, Massachusetts

“As a nurse working in the world of children with chronic and often catastrophic disease, I have long been aware of the art of healing. In my wanting to expand and explore the aspects of healing, that I just could not find in any textbook or traditional institution lead me to the work of Dr. Steven Weiss and The Altar of Creation.

This journey has been transformational both personally and professionally. I now have a whole new set of tools, a map for problem solving along with the courage to continue in my chosen profession.

I would recommend this course to any one who is open, interested and willing to walk the path of the warrior in the art and practice of healing.

Steven, you have given me many “tools” to work with both as a healer for others and for myself as well. I don’t think I could continue in the work of children with catastrophic diseases much longer without the knowledge you have given me.

Other important factors in my decision to study at the Altar of Creation: I was fascinated with the approach of looking at embryology as a point of reference to healing. I was aware of your expertise in healing from both views of energy and anatomy through your education as a D.O. I kept asking myself, What am I doing here? and I kept getting the same answer – to continue and follow what I knew was right for me.”

J. R. Mashpee, Massachusetts

“I was always fascinated with your teachings of embryology during Rosalyn’s workshops— I love your blend of science, spirituality and energy concepts. What I would say to new students: The principles of Sacred Counts I, II and III are every bit as important in my practice now as the A, B, C’s were during my Emergency Room days.”

J. J. Cotuit, Massachusetts

“When I first met Steven he blew me away with his boundless enthusiasm, his knowledge and his abilities as a healer. He was literally bursting to teach. There was no way out for me, I clearly recognized Steven as the profoundly talented teacher he is and have not looked back once. The work itself is highly technical, clearly defined and securely tied to anatomy, science, experience and rich tradition. Steven continues to refine his presentations as he allows himself to follow the needs of his students while maintaining the integrity of his work, He is always available, always exciting and always enthusiastic. The work is beyond words. The benefits to my clients are geometric in ratio. I attribute my success as a healer largely to the guidance of Steven Weiss.”

P.B. Acon, North Carolina

“Studying with Steven Weiss brings a quantum leap in consciousness, in work and in living. Steven’s work is profound and powerful. You will share in his devotion to the journey on the sacred path, which the body and the Spirit know as wellness. Steven’s work honors the body’s ability to continually align with the perfection that is possible in any moment, with the resources we are able to offer in allowing the flow of that which is greater to come through. My own wellbeing, my Spirit, and my work were all transformed by studying with Steven and his amazing Altar of Creation.

Studying with Steven makes you feel brilliant and practical – and it’s fun!”

J. C. Santa Rosa, California

“Learn a “Road Map” for supporting the body in healing. Learn to help the physical body and the energetic bodies support each other towards health. Learn to recognize the three Sacred Counts, or functions, that every body/person needs to have to be “freely suspended, automatically shifting” and moving towards health. Watch your clients stabilize and constantly improve using the teachings from the “Altar of Creation.” Learn the algorithms for healing the body. Help your back pain, your family’s back pain, your clients back pain!!!!”

K. B. Marstons Mills, Massachusetts

“Weiss is an accessible, integrated, and well-rounded teacher that never deviates from the Truth”

T.W. Aspen, Colorado

“The Altar of Creation and Steven will challenge you in the best way: They will ask a lot and give back ten- fold.”

S.S. Big Sur, California

“You will learn so much more than you can imagine – things that you will not find anywhere else; things that you will find extremely useful.”

C.K., Elliot, Maine