About Us April 21, 2019

What We Are Not


OK… i am an osteopath, and am board certified in osteopathic neuromuscular manipulative medicine. i have trained extensively in many osteopathic diagnostic and treatment approaches including cranial osteopathy and biodynamic disengagement (which is cranial osteopathy expanded into a more fluid/energetic model). And i have been blessed to have trained and been mentored by some of the foremost osteopathic physicians/healers on the planet…

*HOWEVER, my courses are absolutely not (i repeat NOT) designed to train people to practice osteopathic manual medicine and/or especially cranial osteopathy! For that, one really must attend an osteopathic medical school, and study many more hours than there are in my curriculum to become properly trained and licensed. Nor is The Altar of Creation a training in any type of cranio-sacral therapy. That is just not what The Altar of Creation is about.

At the same time, there are important elements within the science of osteopathy (which I consider to be universal human body truths) that I have drawn upon in my curriculum that can help non-osteopathic healers expand and deepen their understanding of how the human body works. The science of osteopathy offers many jewels that can empower healers of many different Paths to do their work more successfully*