About Us May 22, 2019

What is The Altar of Creation?

I am Dr Steven Weiss. The Altar of Creation is the product of my own Healer’s Journey- and it has become my “Calling” to share it with other healers who are also seeking. What I share as this system is taken directly from those elements of my actual healing practice that have proven themselves to work in over twenty years of clinical practice.

My Personal Mission is to change the way that health care is practiced, supporting the emergence of a new Standard of Care.

The Altar of Creation was really born in post 9/11 New York City. After years of effectively helping people, suddenly, after 9/11, people stopped getting better. They stopped responding to all of things that had always worked. Forced into Beginner’s Mind and with the support of my patients and mentors i reinvented the way that i worked… and watched more and more people get better. Always, i have only sought out what was required to support my patients’ healing when what i was doing failed to help them. It’s kind of like looking for a different wrench when the one you have in your hands doesn’t fit.

There are important elements within the science of osteopathy (which I consider to be universal human body truths) that I have drawn upon in my curriculum that can help non-osteopathic healers expand and deepen their understanding of how the human body works. The science of osteopathy offers many jewels that can empower healers of many different Paths to do their work more successfully.

Additionally, I have sensed a need for health care professionals to learn more about the human body as living, self-healing mechanism– how it is put together, how it works, and most of all what it requires to be healthy. This is crucial if we are to bring real changes into the body and into the level of the tissues themselves– to impact the client’s anatomy and physiology in tangible ways. Thus, these courses are trainings in Physical as much as energetic and Spiritual Healing.

An old Zuni healer, who himself was capable of re-crystallizing bone fractures said to me once: “All you have to do to help people to heal is just get out of the way, and then God (Creator and the Spirits of our ancestors) will take care of everything else. You don’t have to think; you don’t have to worry about doing anything, or even be afraid about any bad things that might come into you. You just need to get out of the way.” And I have spent the last twenty-five years since then exploring the meaning of his words and developing a tangible Practice for doing that. Learning how to “get out of the way” in order to support healing is a constant theme throughout the curriculum. Learning how to powerfully support healing while at the same time getting out of the way and doing nothing is a powerful paradox that we will be exploring together. This is at the essence of my Journey, my own healing practice, and one of the key elements of the Altar of Creation Curriculum.

While I think of it mostly as a Master Class for healers who have kind of been around the block a few times, I do not restrict enrollment based upon background, training, or prior experience, and welcome anyone who feels called to travel with me on this Path. My graduates include nurses, physicians, massage and shiatsu therapists, herbalists, healers, and shamanic practitioners, some of whom had no prior clinical healing experience.