About Us April 21, 2019

Why Choose The Altar of Creation?

Your final consideration is your WHY. Why would you seek to enter my training program? Is this your Path? Does it Call to you deeply within your being? It is a rigorous, long, and demanding Path that will demand that you change the way you see and work with the living human body. Most likely it will also evoke powerful healing experiences in yourself, as you are treated and healed as you go through the training process. The Altar of Creation is certainly not a Path for everyone. But hey, that’s okay. I never intended it to be.

I will offer one day Introductions to me and The Altar of Creation wherever or whenever i am called, so that you can meet me, get introduced to my healing work, and get a direct sense what the Altar of Creation Curriculum is about. Your cells will know whether The Altar of Creation is your Path, and whether I am your next Teacher and Mentor. I will begin a new Training Cycle whenever there are 24 people to fill the next Circle.

Contact us to arrange for me to visit your community. Not part of a community? Call or write to me, or visit me in New York to discuss your future in The Altar of Creation.

in Love and Service,
steven weiss