Altar of Creation News

April 21, 2019

New 3 year Altar of Creation curriculum - Class 1, 2 & 3

March 29 2019

3 Year Altar of Creation Professional Training starts in 2019!


March 03 2019

The acclaimed 40 hour intensive Visionary Healing Intensive, “Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain and Trauma.” Omega Institute, June 9-14, 2019

The Axis of Creation- Class One!

October 24 2018

The Altar of Creation Training Program Begins Again in March

Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain & Trauma

May 01 2018

Learn the Altar of Creation, a new energy healing paradigm, from its creator, osteopathic physician Steven Weiss.
June 24 - 29, 2018
Omega - Rhinebeck, NY

Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain and Trauma

November 16 2016

Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain and Trauma
June 25 - 30, 2017
Omega Institute
Rhinebeck, NY

Brain Master Class

April 17 2015

Brain Master Class - Nov. 2015
Petaluma, CA

Altar of Creation & Sacred Map of Healing

March 31 2015

Core elements of the Altar of Creation modality.
Omega - June 14 - 19, 2015
39 CEUs

Altar of Creation Sarasota Training - May 2015

November 25 2014

This professional training for health-care and bodywork practitioners will offer an introduction to Dr. Weiss’s Altar of Creation, as well as specific pieces of work involving Midline, and the Cranio-Vertebral junction.

Healing The Invisible Wound

September 24 2014

Sacred Geometry and the Treatment of Shock
Spirit Matters - Almonte, ON
Oct. 17 - Oct. 19, 2014

Brain Healing Master Class

July 03 2014

An energy/sacred geometry based program of manual healing – for graduates of our basic 40 hour training program. We will explore, under Dr. Weiss’ supervision, how the human brain is organized; how it works; what it requires to be healthy; and how we can support its healing.

Sacred Map of Healing: 40 Hour AOC Intensive at the Omega Institute 9/22-927 2013!

April 18 2013

Dr Weiss will offer a unique 40 hour introductory AOC training intensive at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  After a successful first year’s “experiment” i will once agani be at the omega institute teaching the “AOC and the Sacred Map of Healing.” i say “experiment”, because the course last year was designed as an attempt to meet the needs of perspective students who wanted to begin working with the AOC model but could not make the time or money committment to enroll in the formal 10 class 600 hour training program.

The Infant - Baby Universe

August 10 2012

2 weekend pediatrics course: October 12 - 14 & November 2 - 4, 2012
New York City

Altar of Creation and the Sacred Map of Healing

May 03 2012

Professional training for health-care & bodywork practitioners
Omega - Rhinebeck, NY - June 10-15, 2012

The Altar of Creation and the Sacred Map of Healing

March 05 2012

Professional training for health-care & bodywork practitioners
Omega - Rhinebeck, NY - June 10 -15, 2012

Initiation into the Altar of Creation and the Sacred Map of Healing

February 15 2012

Initiation into the Altar of Creation and the Sacred Map of Healing

March graduate course

February 12 2012

March 2012 Graduate Course

2011 Altar of Creation Graduate Courses

May 29 2011

Clinical Intensive, Santa Fe, NM - July 2011
Refinement Graduate Course, Leyden, MA - October 2011

AOC 2010 Course Dates

July 24 2009

Course 8, 9 and 10 for registered AOC students

AOC Courses 2009

July 24 2009

Existing AOC courses for registered students only

Upcoming AOC Workshops

July 10 2009

Hands-on experiential training that will support the healing of participants as well as serve as a powerful introduction to Dr. Weiss’ work and school

Altar of Creation 2010 Courses - New students

June 03 2009

The AOC is announcing a new teaching cycle starting in 2010.

steven and the AOC on grassroots television!

April 07 2009

live introductory AOC intro talk taped in march of ‘09 in aspen colorado

“Getting Out of the Way” - 3 Class Mentorship in Clinical Listening and Perceiving

March 24 2009

A rare opportunity to be individually mentored by Steven - 3 class workshop in “Getting out of the Way”...otherwise known as clinical listening

Upcoming AOC Introductory Workshops

February 02 2009

the latest schedule for Steven’s AOC Intro trainings in the Bay Area (CA), Aspen, (CO), Sacramento (CA), and New York City.

Dr Weiss Announces the Formation of a New Eastern AOC Training Circle

November 27 2008

New AOC Training Circles scheduled to begin in the Fall?Winter of 2009/2010!

The Altar of Creation and Dr Steven Weiss coming to a town or city near you!

November 07 2008

Dr Weiss and the AOC hit the road!  host an AOC introductory workshop in your community or find out where and when the nearest AOC intro workshop is being held.