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May 22, 2019

Altar of Creation & Sacred Map of Healing

March 31 2015

The Altar of Creation is a uniquely integrated therapeutic system that addresses both physical and spiritual laws in supporting human healing at the deepest levels.

Steven Weiss developed this system based on his extensive clinical experiences and the needs of his patients, weaving together elements of osteopathy, energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology, engineering, martial arts, and traditions of the Tibetan Bon and Zuni native people.

This workshop, recommended for health-care and bodywork practitioners, offers a short and intensive introduction to Weiss’s Altar of Creation work. Through presentations, discussions, and hands-on practice, we:

Learn how to listen deeply to our clients’ bodies and healing needs
Gain an understanding of effective clinical applications of sacred geometry and embryology
Learn handholds and procedures we can use right away in our practice
This workshop includes many opportunities to provide and receive healings. Each of us will be directly treated by Weiss and his assistants.