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May 22, 2019

Altar of Creation Sarasota Training - May 2015

November 25 2014

Wednesday, May 27th at 6pm - Sunday, May 31st at 12 noon

Southgate Community Center
3145 South Gate Circle, Sarasota, FL 34239

COST: Early Bird (till 4/27/2015) $595
$675 (after 4/28/2015)

**** We can assist Participants who are not local in finding local housing.

For registration, call The Medicine Lodge Clinic at 212-414-9435.
For further information on Altar of Creation:

The Altar of Creation is a unique healing system, addressing both Physical and Spiritual Laws, in seeking to support healing at the deepest levels.

Steven Weiss, an osteopathic physician (board certified in osteopathic manual medicine) has woven this system together from the threads of many different teachers and many different lineages and healing traditions. The Altar of Creation training is based directly upon his own extensive clinical experience and the needs of his patients in his tertiary level chronic pain oriented practice.  It combines an eclectic blend of elements derived from the science of osteopathy, energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology, engineering principles, and the ceremonial traditions of the Tibetan Bon and Zuni native people.

This professional training for health-care and bodywork practitioners will offer an introduction to Dr. Weiss’s Altar of Creation, as well as specific pieces of work involving Midline, and the cranio-vertebral junction
In our time together we will:
• Learn how to “get out of the way” and listen deeply to our clients’ bodies and needs
• Explore the power contained within the body’s Midline (the core of our sacred geometry), how to access and assess it, and how to support its healing!
• Gain an understanding of the vital clinical applications of sacred geometry and embryology within the Altar of Creation healing model
• Additionally, for this specific training we will turn our focus to the unspeakably important junction of the head and neck, the celestial windows as it is called in oriental medicine.  A region which, when deranged and “restricted”, consistently obstructs self-healing and self-regulation on so many levels!  Our geographical focus will be the occiput and cranial base, C1 (the atlas), C2 (the axis) and C3!

We will journey through:
1. First an understanding (based upon both tissue and energetic anatomy and physiology) of why this junction is so important… and why almost nothing else will heal if these relationships are compromised!
2. How to precisely identify and evaluate the elements of this junction,
3. How to gently yet profoundly intervene here to support healing, meaning re-creating the reconnection with the integrity of the Breath and Flow of Creator’s Breath!
** and always, while our hands will be on tissues, and making changes within the tissues, we will be focused and directed to energetic changes and manifesting changes along the larger energy/tissue continuum.

This training includes many labs and opportunities to both receive and provide healings. Each participant will be treated by Dr. Weiss as an essential part of the direct transmission part of this training.

38 CE hours (please note hours may be extended as needed)
Wednesday eve 6-9
Thursday 8am-9:30pm with a lunch and dinner break
Friday 8am-4pm with a lunch break, 7:00pm until we end - individual student healings with Dr. Weiss
Saturday 8am-9:30pm with a lunch and dinner break
Sunday 8am-12 noon