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April 21, 2019

Brain Healing Master Class

July 03 2014

Location: Garrison Institute
Garrison, NY
Date: September 18 - 21, 2014

Course tuition: $474
To register for the course, please call the Medicine Lodge Clinic or email us:
212. 414. 9435 or

Check-In: Thurs, Sept. 18 from 3PM - 6PM
Dinner: 6PM-7PM
Course begins at 7

Check-Out: Sept. 21st after lunch.

For room accommodation and directions, please go to:

Course Details:

Why a brain class?

Think about it for a moment: the brain is an extension of the Field and its largest single function is to take in “data” from the “larger” Being and then organize that Being in multi-dimensional space!  All of the data from our healings have to go into the brain and come out as new ways of organizing mind, body, and spirit.  This is how the changes we enact ultimately support healing.
... and then sometimes there are glitches within the brain itself that will obstruct the healing… these are the things with which we will be journeying in our time together: 

1. Brain motility (we began to work with this in course 10)

2. C/V jx which controls brainstem and autonomics (which we already mostly know)

3. Drainage of the venous blood from the whole brain and cranium through the skull into the neck

4. Tidal Breath, Flow, and shape of the ventricular system which will carry us to so many cool structures like the pineal, pituitary, lamina terminalis, and the roots of many spinal nerves.

5. Relationships determined by the Developmental Sacred Geometry of the embryo’s brain

6. And then some odd miscellaneous tracts and structures whose dance with Breath and Flow seems to be important!