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May 22, 2019

“Getting Out of the Way” - 3 Class Mentorship in Clinical Listening and Perceiving

March 24 2009

If we are truly Spiritual Beings in a Physical container, then, when we get out of the way and truly listen, we begin to hear or see the “map” of Spirit being Breathed or moving from non-duality through to three dimensional space/anatomical space. This map is important - it is the map of where trauma and shock reside, and where their resolution is directed; it defines the emergence and patterns of Healing and Wisdom. It is our guide, and our feedback; it is like a GPS monitor that forever supports us and keeps us from getting lost. Discovering, becoming initiated into this map, and beginning to Journey with it are the goals of our time together.

Workshop has been postponed.

Nurture NY
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New York, NY 10010 (at 25th Street)

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