Altar of Creation News

May 22, 2019

The Altar of Creation and Dr Steven Weiss coming to a town or city near you!

November 07 2008

dr weiss is traveling around- all over, offering workshops to introduce prospective students to himself, The Altar Of Creation and his approach to healing.  if our mission is to get the Work out to as many people as possible (and Appropriate), and we are starting 2 new training Circles in the Fall of next year (Goddess willing!), then we had better start shaking the bushes for some new students!  seriously, steven will travel anywhere, literally anywhere, where there is a group of interested prospective students wanting to learn more about the AOC!  or if you want to attend an AOC workshop to learn more about the program, contact us to find out when and where the nearest one to you will be held.  in love and service.