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May 22, 2019

Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain and Trauma

November 16 2016

Join Dr. Steven Weiss on a journey into the mysteries of trauma and recovery as he teaches the Altar of Creation, a paradigm that addresses both physical and spiritual laws in supporting human healing at the deepest levels.

Steven Weiss developed this system (molded by post 9/11 NYC and with patients suffering from PTSD) based on his extensive clinical experiences and the needs of his patients, weaving together elements of osteopathy, energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology, engineering, martial arts, and traditions of the Tibetan Bon and Zuni (where is adopted as a child to the bear clan) native people. 

Through this workshop you will
• Learn to “get out of the way”, a necessary precursor to listening to the Wisdom of the body, a practice unique to the Altar of Creation
• Diagnose the source of a health condition, based on the multiple contexts of how human beings work. The Invisible Wound approach to evaluation.
• Invoke the infinite wisdom and power of the body to heal itself.
• Gain an understanding of sacred geometry and embryology as elements that control self-healing and self-regulation.
• Learn practical tools drawn from Dr. Weiss’ 600 hour professional training that can be used right away in your practice. 

This workshop includes many opportunities to give and receive healing.  Each participant will be treated directly by Weiss and his assistants
*This class will have extra sessions Sunday evening as well as extra morning, afternoon, and evening sessions throughout the week.

Tuition: $425
To reserve your place in this unique training:
Please contact us for any questions: or 212-414-9435