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May 22, 2019

Unraveling the Mysteries of Pain & Trauma

May 01 2018

Take a journey into the mysteries of trauma and recovery with physician Steven Weiss, creator of the Altar of Creation, a paradigm that addresses physical and spiritual laws to support healing at the deepest levels.

The Altar of Creation weaves together elements of osteopathy, energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology, engineering, martial arts, and traditions of the Tibetan Bon and Zuni native people. Through lecture, discussion, and experiential exercises, you:

*Practice getting out of the way and listening to the wisdom of the body
*Learn the Invisible Wound approach to evaluation
*Invoke the infinite wisdom and power of the body to heal itself
*Explore how sacred geometry and embryology control self-healing and self-regulation
*Gain practical tools for personal or professional healing
*You have many opportunities to give and receive healing, and everyone experiences a treatment from Weiss and his assistants. Those looking for personal healing, as well as those who work in healing professions, are welcome.

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