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The Program

The Altar of Creation will guide your development as a healer while at the same time supporting your own healing and personal growth. It will train you to “listen” to your patients’ bodies, and mentor you in understanding what is necessary to effectively support their deepest healing..


The Altar of Creation Curriculum is woven together from threads of Embryology, Sacred Geometry, Structural and Mechanical Engineering, Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving Systems Analysis, Principles derived from The Science of Osteopathy, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Law, Martial Arts, and Native American as well as Tibetan traditions. Each thread (or the unique combination of several threads woven together) comes out of Dr Weiss’ own clinical experience and represents the difference between someone healing…and someone continuing to suffer without relief!

The Path of the Altar of Creation is a multi-year, multi-level, progressive, experiential, carefully-guided, transformational, professional training program. At the time of this writing, the curriculum consists of 10 classes, presented 3 times a year; 4 supervised one-day clinical intensive trainings on the last day of courses 7 through 10, two private intensive clinical internships with me in my office, and extensive direct personal supervision and mentoring under Dr Steven Weiss. We anticipate a total of about 3 1/3 years duration and something around than 550 contact hours. Class size is always limited to a maximum of 24 students. Look around, and you will find that The Altar of Creation is unique. There is nothing even close to it regarding comprehensiveness and scope of material, sheer number of training contact hours, the tools that it actually provides, and Dr Weiss’ accessibility.

We bow to you for your interest in the Altar of Creation!