April 21, 2019



• Introduction to the Altar of Creation’s Code of Honor and protocol for conduct within our group container.

• Introductory training in the Qigong practice that we will work with for the entire curriculum for the purposes of personal Qi development and group field enhancement.

• Initial training in specific skills to accomplish deeper states of awareness, amplified listening capacity and enhanced perceptual clarity that I call “Getting Out of the Way.”

• How to touch the body in a non-intrusive and supportive way; how to hold and cradle the head and feet without intrusion, judgment and either emotional or intellectual content.

• An introduction to The Sacred Count of Creation and how to begin to apply its principles in evaluating health and supporting healing. [The Sacred Count of Creation is based upon sacred geometry of the embryo’s formation and pertains to the progressive stepwise emergence of Spirit into three dimensional anatomy. It helps us to understand and track the patterns at the energy/tissue interfaces by which we self-organize and heal as adults.]
• Midline as the 2 of “The Sacred Count.”
• The power contained within the body’s Midline and how to access it. We will explore Midline’s role in organizing and directing the healing of tissues, directing and distributing the body’s energies, and in being the structure through which the body’s many dimensional levels interconnect and inter-communicate. This is the basis for the profoundly powerful states of physical healing that we will explore in this course.
• Specific healing procedures based upon restoring the body’s orientation to its Midline.

• Refinement of the getting out of the way procedure, and exploration of deeper states of attunement and perception from which we learn to work.
• The Sacred Coil as the “3” of the Sacred Count, referring to the profoundly important coiling of the top of the early embryo down forward and in, to form the heart and the diaphragm, as well as the chest, neck, face, and the front of the skull, all from tissues originally located precisely at the upper tip of the embryo’s midline. There is an analogous coiling process occurring at the embryo’s tail to support development of the pelvis and lower abdomen.
• Exploration of how this coiling corresponds to the unique geometry of the ketheric and etheric bodies and embryonic fields and how it influences and corresponds to adult anatomy, physiology, and Chakra system relationships.
• Introduction and application of an algorithm, or a problem-solving model, based upon The Sacred Count of Creation.


• Introduction to the “1” in the Sacred Count, which is the “explosion” that happens as the Breath of Life enters our being and transmutes into our primary life force, occurring at the very root of our creation, our moment-to-moment existence, and our capacity to self-heal and self-regulate. Like a machine, in the Sacred Count, the “1” drives the “2” which breathes the “3!”
• Further expansion of our capacity for “getting out of the way” and sitting in receptive stillness through the two previous courses, we can now work safely and effectively and comfortably in this realm.
• Exploration of the emergence of Spirit into 1 dimension, its relationship to the “2,” or the midline, and how this profoundly influences self-healing and self-regulation of the three-dimensional adult body.
• Introduction of a system for evaluating and reinstating lost elements of the patient’s spark.


• Continued expansion and refinement of our procedure for getting out of the way.
• The 1,2, and 3 of The Sacred Count are reviewed and connected as part of the whole mechanism by which Spirit manifests in three dimensions.
• But The Sacred Count of Creation is also a problem-solving device, an algorithm for the evaluation and treatment of Spiritual Law as essential requirements for self-healing and self-regulation of our patients.
• Development of a sense of where we need to go and what we need to “do” within the context of the Sacred Count, in order to support healthy emergence of Spirit into three dimensional space.
• Application of the previous three classes to evaluating and solving whole body problems from a whole body perspective- from a multi-dimensional Sacred Count focus.


• Familiarization with the immense difficulties associated with standing up, working with gravity, and being confronted with the many faces of Trauma.
• Exploration of the Physical Laws of weight-bearing and their determining influence upon the manifestation of Spirit into the physical container of the body … and how this affects the energy field as well as the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate.
• Development of a methodology for evaluating the three major elements of weight-bearing integrity, and learn a series of engineering cures or corrections for each. The goal here is not to only focus literally on the body’s weight bearing integrity, but to approach it and correct it as a means to pull Spirit fully into the body and in so doing supporting improved self-healing and self-regulation.
• Careful exploration of heel lifts, orthotics, and shoe design and engineering as potentially crucial Physical Law engineering cures.
• Introduction to matrix/female vs. male/“patrix” space, their functional differentiation, and practical considerations for evaluation and healing.
• Treatment procedures whose specific focus is on the structural, and mechanical elements of weight bearing and movement: the feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, hips, and pelvis.


• In the same way that we developed Spiritual Law into a problem-solving model and tool relative to the Sacred Count, we now organize our understanding and experiences of Physical Law to begin to solve problems from a structural and mechanical engineering and whole body perspective.
• Introduction of additional physical healing procedures introduced as well as refinements/modifications of procedures from the last class.
• This is an integrative class- classes either introduce new material or focus mostly upon integrating material that has already been introduced.

(Plus The First Clinical Intensive Training)

• Appreciation of the sacrum as an incredibly important structure involved with almost every aspect of the body’s energy-tissue continuum.
• The questions of the course are: “What is the sacrum”- and “What are its units of function?”
• Finding the answers to these questions becomes a weeklong multidimensional journey calling into play almost everything that we have studied and done to date! Our exploration involves embryonic, energetic, CNS, fluid body, dura mater, and bony considerations.
• On the final day of this class, I introduce two new training vehicles- “The Clinical Intensive,“ and the Post Clinic Debriefing. We will divide into groups and conduct carefully supervised group healings based upon our Work to date, and then convene to discuss our experiences.

(Plus The Second Clinical Intensive Training)

• The diaphragms (yes there are many of them) function in many diverse ways: they have local significance of course, but from a whole-body perspective, diaphragms are all about relationships- they embody the ancient Spiritual Law “AS ABOVE, SO BELOW…AS BELOW, SO ABOVE.”
• The health of the body depends upon their integrated function.
• The question here is: “What are the diaphragms?”
• The answers to this question will surprise nearly everyone.
• Woven into exploring diaphragmatic health are many different treatment procedures involving virtually every energetic and body region and tissue type.
• As before we have a Clinic Intensive Day and a debriefing.

IX. SHOCK AND TRAUMA (+ The Third Clinical Intensive Training)

• We begin our investigation of pathology (literally the study of suffering), by taking everything we have done to date and applying it to a classification system and treatment model for Shock and Trauma that is unique to Altar of Creation Healing. This is entirely based upon Sacred Count, Physical Law, and the Altar of Creation Algorithm.
• I will also introduce a handful of loose-end procedures and perspectives that haven’t fit in anywhere else, including more work with the face and head, eyes and central nervous system, and some initial thoughts about the nature of compression.
• Clinic and Debrief


• Integration of everything that we have done so far to create a master map of our algorithm and the health requirements of the body.
• An exploration of the pathology of Compression, and a series of decompression procedures for the cranium, pelvis, face, and spine.
• Evaluation and treatment of energy/movement patterns in the central nervous system.
• Additional matrix/ female space treatments.
• Graduation ceremony
• Expanded clinical intensive training and debrief.


On the final days of Classes VI through X we introduce an exciting new training vehicle into the curriculum: The Clinical Intensive Experience.

The focus of learning shifts from simply learning the elements of the Altar of Creation to actually applying Altar of Creation Algorithm in real clinical situations, with real clients, in teams, under Dr Weiss’ watchful supervision and guidance.

You will begin to apply The Altar of Creation Algorithm in making clinical decisions and become skilled in working harmoniously as a member of a healing team of three or four colleagues.

Guess why we call it an Intensive? Scary, Exciting, Humbling, Empowering- the clinical intensives and the debriefing sessions afterward are amazing learning experiences. These clinic days are so wonderful!

Additional post -graduate courses are offered to include: infants and children, pregnancy, advanced shock and trauma studies, special manual healing modalities, multi-day clinical intensives both in the US and abroad, and special healing retreats for ourselves.