May 22, 2019

What is the Altar of Creation?

The Altar of Creation is a unique system of health care based upon the how the human body works and what it requires to be healthy. It is a Path that requires the healer to do considerable work on herself before she is fit to support the healing of others. It is also about learning to surrender to the inherent wisdom of our patients’ bodies… and to our own Guidance- in awe and reverence. We reach a place of listening and service where the patients themselves essentially direct and guide us in our treatments. The Altar of Creation has proven itself to be extraordinarily effective through many years of rigorous clinical experience.  It is a system that works.

The Altar of Creation can either stand alone as a comprehensive healing practice, or it can serve to help you to continue to do what you already do- just more effectively.

As for the structure of Altar of Creation Curriculum itself: in it I have woven together threads of Embryology, Sacred Geometry, Structural and Mechanical Engineering, Troubleshooting and Problem-Solving Systems Analysis, Principles derived from The Science of Osteopathy, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Law, Martial Arts, and Native American as well as Tibetan traditions.

The Path of the Altar of Creation is not a single workshop, but a steep, multi-year, multi-level, progressive and intense, carefully- guided, transformational, professional training program. At the time of this writing, the curriculum consists of 10 classes, presented 3 times a year; 5 supervised one-day clinical intensives within the class structure, and two private intensive clinical internships with me in my office. We anticipate a total of just over three years duration and something around than 550 contact hours. Class size is always limited to 24 students.